National Torch Plan Zhongshan (Coastal) Equipment Manufacturing Base

This Base has formed several Industrial clusters: modern equipment manufacturing cluster, shipyards and marine engineering cluster, new energy industry cluster, wind and energy conservation cluster, large machinery manufacturing cluster and high-end electronics cluster.



Harbin Institution of Technology (HIT) Robotics Industrial Park

With support CAS, Chinese Academy of Science Technology Transformation Industrial Park can better assist integrating innovation, production and financing process to facilitate applying new technologies to meet the demands of the market.



Tsuihang New District Branch of Sino-Germany Biomedical Industrial Park

In June 2016, the Sino-Germany (Zhongshan) Biomedical Industrial Park Project, together with Kunshan, Qingdao, Benxi and Shenyang projects, was included in the State Council's outcome document for minutes of meeting on cooperating with Germany in the 8th Sino-German Economic Cooperation Forum convened in Beijing. As an extended area of Sino-Germany (Zhongshan) Biomedical Industrial Park, Tsuihang New District prioritises medical appliances, biopharmaceuticals, biomedical materials and other modern health and medicine industry. 



Financial and Tech City

The Financial and Tech City is an area provides urban service function such as technology, finance, shopping center, residence, education, medical treatment, transportation, recreation, cultural entertainment and sports activities to support the industrial development in Tsuihang New District. Shenzhen-Zhongshan Passage and proactivity undertakes the strategic transfer of emerging Industry in Shenzhen and Hongkong. The building area of Phase I project is 130,000 qm, including creative incubation space, office buildings, shopping mail complex and other facilities.